Programatic Partnership with NEWBASE

Kollander Media is pleased to announce our recent partnership with NEWBASE, put in place so that mid-western clients within the travel industry might be better served in their advertising campaigns. Starting March 2017, the two companies will work together, amplifying the history and expertise each bring to travel marketing, to deliver high-performing print and digital media campaigns, designed to make clients’ advertising spend more efficient, effective and measurable.


(Formerly Publicitas) 

Kollander Media 

NEWBASE, has been providing advertising solutions to travel brands for over a century through an established publisher network of over 4,000 media owners and offices in 13 countries across the globe.
Evolving from a commitment to transparency and results, our programmatic division was launched in 2012. Our Trading Desk is built on flexible technology integrations, specialized talent, and a consultative approach to designing successful campaigns.
We give our travel brand partners a competitive edge by leveraging the latest advancements in audience targeting, channel and platform capabilities.

Their roster of programmatic campaign advertising clients is impressive; including, Delta Airlines, South Florida Tourism, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Destination Canada, El Paso Tourism, Tourism Whistler to name only a few current clients. Kollander Media has a wealth of experience and knowledge within this industry, expanding the reach of Publicitas into the U.S. Mid-Western region. The two organizations will combine their shared knowledge of the travel space, and be able to offer clients new and leading edge marketing solutions.

Reaching today’s consumer in real-time, with relevant information, on their terms – environment, day-of-week, time-of-day, device of choice – is the new reality facing progressive travel marketers. The NEWBASE-Kollander Media Partnership can provide the resources that makes advertising contemporary and successful.

“I am very excited about the new market this opens up for NEWBASE” Oliver Eills, Publicitas Americas’ Managing Director, commented. “We look forward to working with Kollander Media to offer their clients the best practices we’ve developed with our Tourism Audience Targeting System”.





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